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Bobby White, Founder, Chairman & CEO named Who's Who In Birmingham Banking & Finance

by: Birmingham Business Journal
published: July, 03rd 2017

RFG Advisory is pleased to announce that

Founder, Chairman & CEO Bobby White has been named

Who's Who in Birmingham Banking & Finance







  Bobby White, Reliance Financial Group – RFG Advisory

  White is CEO and chairman of RFG Advisory Group, which he has helped build into one of the largest financial firms based in metro Birmingham over the past 14 years.


 Who’s Who in Birmingham banking and finance?

Key leaders to know in Magic City money.

 Birmingham's financial sector is one of the most critical industries in the Magic City, and that's not just because the field Birmingham's financial sector is one of the most critical industries in the Magic City, and that's not just because the field is a huge employer. 

The Magic City’s large – and ever-growing – bank scene provides key funding and loans that keep Birmingham’s economy running, supporting everything from business expansions to home purchases.

Birmingham's investment and wealth management firms are helping individuals and families secure their financial futures. It's an industry that touches nearly every aspect of the economy, and Birmingham is fortunate to have a talented array of leaders who are shepherding the industry forward. 

With that in mind, the BBJ is unveiling it's Who's Who in Birmingham Banking and Finance – a list key industry leaders and financial decisionmakers to know in the Magic City. 

Our List includes the top local executives for Birmingham's largest banks, CEOs of the area's largest credit unions, key contacts for local mortgage offices and representatives from several of the top wealth management, investment brokerage and financial planning firms in the area. The executives included were selected based on companies standings on our annual financial Lists. 

We hope this section will serve as an informative tool to help readers navigate the landscape and identify potential partners and professional advisers in one of Birmingham's most critical industries.