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From RFG Advisor, Dany Martin | America's Insomnia Problem

by: Dany Martin
published: April, 25th 2017

I once read a quote in Dirt Farmer Wisdom by JoJo Jensen that stated, “Without sleep, we would all be tall 2 year olds.”  In my opinion, there is nothing more productive to the human body than a great night’s rest.  Also, study after study suggest that eating dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime as well as going to sleep at the same time each night improves your sleep.

With that being said, the problem with America (and the world) right now is that our minds are so stimulated from technology, we are stressed about money and bills, we are stressed about the state of the government and the world, we have crammed schedules, and so much more that we don’t take time to concentrate on our sleep schedule or the importance of rest.   

This article is a great read by Kari Paul on why the insomnia problem is worse than before the Great Recession and most of it stems from student loan debt, credit card debt, employment worries, etc.  Take a few minutes to reflect on this particular topic and let us know what you think and let us know if we can chat about alleviating some of the things that affect your sleep. 

         ~Dany Martin 


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