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"Vegan's On Egan" by RFG Advisor, Dany Martin

by: Dany Martin
published: March, 09th 2017

Vegan’s On Egan

Good morning from the desk of a proud husband.  As you probably know by now, I like to send things out that aren’t always related to investments, the market, money, or anything financial for that matter. I wanted to take a quick minute to let you into my personal life just a bit.  As you may or may not know, my wife (Lindsi) and her business partner (Ashley) have had a cold pressed juice business in Bossier City for a little over 2 years now called Well+Fed Louisiana.  About 6 months ago they were told about an old abandon house/café named the Healthy Planet that stands at the corner of Egan St. and Louisiana Ave (behind Monjuni’s).  As you know, all great business ideas start with a simple “no way” or “we’re not there yet” but then leads to a “well maybe we should just look at it” or “I think we can make this work if we work.”  That is exactly what happened to Lindsi and Ashley. 

At the Bossier location, the max capacity for juice was around 70-80 per day in their 200 square foot kitchen.  They worked countless hours every day and it seemed there was never any juice left in the shop to sell (because it sold out which is good).  This is when the “entrepreneur” in both of them came out.  Once looking at the old Healthy Planet building, talking to current customers, talking to the city, and putting together a business plan, it was time to either be happy with where they were OR invest, expand, and grow. 

Starting in September of 2015, the expansion process began; purchasing, licensing, renovating, crying, praying, smiling, and much more became the norm.  I am happy to say that on Tuesday morning, they passed the health inspection for Shreveport and are now open to the public.  The house looks fantastic, the juice is fantastic, and the movement has begun. 

Slow and steady wins the race so they are starting with cold-pressed juice but will slowly introduce vegan and gluten free options including smoothie bowls, artisanal toast, salads, and sandwiches.  Eventually specialty lunch items (meatloaf, Caribbean beans and rice, buddha bowls, and more) will hit the menu. 

KTBS did a news story on them on February 27th and I have attached the link below.


The Shreveport Times also did a news story on them on March 8th and I have attached the link below as well.


I write this to show you how proud I am of my wife and her business partner for trying to make Shreveport a better place.  If you happen to be around the area of Louisiana Ave, Line Ave, Jordan St, and Egan St, take a stop by, try a juice, and see why I am so proud to call Lindsi my wife (and now business partner).  I have included a picture showing the before and after of the renovation.

As always, thank you for your time and have a nice rest of the week.

Best of Health,